Yoga with Frances offers Adult Group Classes, Private Classes and Children’s Classes 

You are completely unique- Small group and classes and private lessons allow me to give you personal attention. Your age, physical ability, energy levels and health are some of the needs that affect how, what and when you practice yoga. Yoga can, and should be a practice that fits you.

It doesn’t matter what your physical condition is: whether you are very fit, need to get in shape, or rehabilitating from injury, as Krishnamacharya says “if you can breathe, you can do yoga”. An important adage is- start where you are and go from there. Let go of the notion of that you need to get to some ideal goal, whether it is touching your toes or performing a perfect  back bend- you will enjoy Yoga more and get the best results. This is especially true when recovering from injury or illness.

You will receive instruction on each posture and sequence, and be watched and assisted while you practice. This helps you to use your body differently than you are used to, and so weaker areas are strengthened, and places of tension and holding will be relax. Correctly learning the postures helps you get the most from the yoga with the least effort. You may be experienced in yoga, or leaning to rehabilitate: an individual approach will work towards small changes that make yoga both easier and more comfortable, while allowing you gain strength and take on more challenges.

My aim is to help you change the patterns that may be causing discomfort and illness so you can recover or maintain your best health. So when I see tightness, strain or weakness I guide you. Our first goal is to improve flexibility and strength in the spine, and next in the joints and muscles. I cannot claim I can cure you.- I can care though, and give you the benefit of years of training to feel deeply inside where lasting change can happen. You will feel better and healthier with each class!

Come join us to discover for yourself  the healing benefits of Yoga.

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Adult Group Classes:

Our classes meet your needs, from beginner and gentle yoga, to more advanced and challenging. All classes are grounded in breath and movement, as well as practicing the yoga poses, we include breathing techniques (pranayama) and brief meditation. Modifications are offered to suit your particular needs. With personal attention offered in every class, you receive the help you need to make the experience more gentle or challenging, depending on your abilities and level, as well as your changing energy levels and health.

Private and semi-private classses:

If you are:

A beginner
Have restrictions in movement due to pain, injury, or other reasons
Are an older adult
Supplementing a vigorous exercise program
Interested in exploring the poses deeply and precisely
Combating fatigue for any reason

We approach yoga in a gentle way, and breathing techniques are developed for both new and experienced students, as well as meditation. Moving with the breath, step by step we learn or review fundamental poses. Modifications are offered to decrease intensity and make yoga easier, but still have the desired effect. As we progress we will advance to combining the poses in a variety of ways, including sun salutation and yoga flow sequences. Schedule

intermediate and advanced:

if you are:

Moderately experienced and strong in Yoga
You have tried Gentle Yoga and wish to be more vigorous
Are physically fit and wish to supplement a gentle or moderate exercise program

We review fundamental yoga poses, progressively exploring variations which require moderate strength and fitness, and adding some of the poses which are more challenging on an individual basis. Since we progress step-by-step, it takes several classes before more strenuous poses are incorporated, but you will soon learn the changes to make a basic class work you at the level you want.Breathing techniques and meditation are always included, and will be increasingly advanced as you continue. . Schedule


Private Classes: in your home or at Harmony Health Yoga in Oshawa

You may choose to study yoga privately. One on one attention on a regular basis is very helpful in helping  to develop a personal practice, and learning what you specifically are most interested in. This is particularly important if you have specific health concerns. I will design a practice especially for you, taking into account all your special needs. contact

One of the basic ideas behind yoga is to practice on your own every day. Daily practice will bring the greatest results more quickly, and it can start with just 10 minutes a day. Most people find that the benefit of taking this time out becomes easy and routine, and actually makes them more productive. You will have more time for the busy life you lead when you are healthy!  You may also find that you drop habits or activities that are not good for you or no longer as important as you once thought, freeing up more time for relaxation and family. Greater clarity and sense of purpose help reduce unnecessary effort , and can help you choose where you are putting your energy more wisely.

You may wish to take a lesson once or twice a month, or supplement a group class with occasional private instruction. Please phone or e-mail to arrange a time. Contact

Family Class

I had the benefit of learning yoga as a child (see about Frances), and have taught baby and children’s yoga since the birth of my first child. What is evident to every parent is that children are like sponges, they absorb everything they are exposed to. Introducing kids to Yoga gives them the same benefits we get. Focus, Clarity and Self-awareness are qualities that will have life-long impact for them, helping them to succeed in their goals. Like me, they may go on to enjoy yoga their whole lives. Schedule

Having fun is the primary focus so that children stay interested. If they try one session and enjoy it, they will keep coming back to yoga over time, so that as adults they will be open to and aware of the mind-body connection.

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